GDPR The personal data protection.

With our partner ÉTS Formation we offer a public course ”GDPR the personal data protection” based on the reference regulation with consideration of Canadian and Provincial laws. Open to all professionals without prerequisites. ”GDPR the personal data protection” is available for corporate private sessions. As well as training adapted to your specific needs, by sector of activity, phase / technique of compliance (protection by design & default, maturity assessment, data protection impact analysis, data breach management, etc.)


DPOsolutions training courses are designed as a key element of change management for the personal data protection with a pedagogy based on simulation. Public or in-house training sessions.

Master Class

Do you want to improve a practice, set up a process, exchange with other professionals, benchmark? The master class is then a relevant experience in addition to our training and conferences to deepen your knowledge by putting it in an operational context and by exchanging with specialists as well as with your peers.

Class through experiments

The Benefits

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