Data is your strategic asset. As outsourced Data Protection Officer, DPOsolutions supports you in the sustainable development of your data processing with the acquisition of a competitive advantage.


states have data protection laws


outsourced Data Protection Officers


$ negative impact due to a data breach


Report directly to the highest level

 GDPR compliance

For your compliance with data protection laws, DPOsolutions offers 3 flat-rate packages. And for more advanced organizations, tailor-made services for the adoption of a practice such as data protection by design stage or data protection impact assessments.


Data security is an essential element of compliance and a major challenge for the rights of data subjects as well as for the activity of public or private organisations. Small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks and compromise their large organisation partners. Human risk remains a priority for all types of companies. DPOsolutions responds to this environment with an offer of organizational and technical audits.

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